Louise and client pre-trance chat

1 to 1 Sessions

When you’ve got a problem or issue that you’d like to change for the better, I understand that having a part of your life that you aren’t satisfied with can leave you feeling vulnerable. And because its hard to open up about deep or unhappy feelings, you will probably only want to do it the once.

Seeing a hypnotherapist one to one – as opposed to in a group setting – can give you the opportunity to put a boundary around the problem. Not only will you have support to change, but knowing that you have a designated time each week to discuss your problem can allow you to get on with your life with less worry, because the problem is still being dealt with and will be less ‘free floating’.

Hypnotherapy can last for as few or as many sessions as you would like, however most problems are worked through and changed are made within 3 to 12 sessions. Hypnotherapy is therefore very useful for people who do not want or cannot commit to longer lasting traditional talking therapies.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Prior to your first session, I will email you an intake form and consent documents. Please print, complete and sign these and bring them to your first session.

Your first session may last a little longer than an hour, because I will spend some time discussing your problem with you. You will get a chance to tell me in depth about what is going on for you, and how you’d like your life to be different.

In subsequent sessions, it is normal to spend between 10 and 30 minutes of the session catching up and discussing how your changes are going. This also gives you the chance to review your treatment, and tell me if you would like any specific messages given to you during your hypnotherapy.

After this, if you are comfortable, I will lead you into a state of comfortable hypnotic peace. This is usually begun by somehow instructing you to close your eyes, but if you would be more comfortable with them open, that is fine. I would always encourage you to enjoy your hypnotherapy in a way that feels safe for you.

I will give you various suggestions, and tell you stories that may or may not seem to relate to your problem. You may remember everything, or forget bits or even all of it.

Hypnosis is very relaxing and feels wonderful, and even if you forget every word I said, then you can simply enjoy the sensation of being deeply physically relaxed as your subconscious mind lets the messages I’ve given sink in.

Many people sleep well the night after hypnotherapy, and notice a change in themselves the next day, if not immediately after their session.

At the end of your session, I will ‘wake you up’. You’ll bring the calmness of your hypnosis with you and will return to the room with good feelings.

At this point, you have a chance to ask questions about your experience if you would like to. Then payment is taken either by cash or online bank transfer, and the next session is organised. My fee for hypnotherapy currently stands at £60 a session

You will receive a handwritten or a pdf receipt for your session. You are welcome to request no receipt at all, if you do not want any written proof that you are having therapy.