Anger reduction

Anger is often a secondary emotion which hides hurt, sadness or fear. A lot of people learn – sometimes from a very young age – that it’s easier to feel angry than it is to get in touch with the deeper feelings.

And that’s true – but the problem is that when we don’t recognise the feelings that the anger is covering up, our unconscious mind tries over and over again to get our conscious mind to recognise the very emotion we’re trying to avoid feeling.

This can lead to us getting stuck in cycles where everything and nothing makes us ridiculously angry, seemingly for no clear reason. Our words are angry, our actions are angry, even our inner thoughts are angry.

I can help you take a journey of self-discovery, at a pace that suits you, to find out where these patterns originated and how you can break them. You’ll learn how to be truly honest with yourself and others about why you’re angry and what is really going on for you.

Anger is often a big and complicated issue, so there’s no right or wrong timescale for how long it’ll take before those thoughts and feelings start to have less of a hold on you.