Assertiveness training (includes hypnotherapy)

Do you find yourself struggling to express your thoughts and feelings? Perhaps someone else has described you as angry, sarcastic or passive aggressive – and you’ve realised they were right? It’s easy to act tough when it comes naturally, but these issues don’t feel good inside.

Whether you learnt a certain way of interacting from our family members, or whether you’ve developed a persona for work, the problem with being angry all the time is that often, the one you are angriest with the most is yourself, for being that way.

Then there’s the fact that not knowing how to assert yourself healthily can cause all sorts of damage to your closest relationships. Made a snide remark to your spouse? Flown off the handles at your teenage child? Felt the need to give someone ‘short shrift’ at work? All these examples cause hurt, fear and mistrust in the other person – and I bet they aren’t working for you either.

When you’re so busy expressing your frustration, often the real message of what you need and why you need it doesn’t get through. This then leads to a vicious cycle of needs not getting met, angry response, and then continuing to not ask for what you need.

But there’s a different way. If you want to put in the effort to make real positive changes, you can book yourself onto my one-to-one Assertiveness Training course today. You can use tactics and strategies from the field of NLP, as well as the power of your unconscious mind in trance, to reframe how you interact with yourself and others.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Session 1: Different types of assertiveness and non-assertiveness
A summary of defence mechanisms and where you learnt them
Confidence boosting to help you feel calmer
Self-hypnosis and why looking after yourself is so important

Session 2: Learning why you react in certain ways
What to do when your triggers are people!
More self-hypnosis and other ‘cool down’ techniques to use anywhere

Session 3: Recognising your patterns of communicating
Taking charge of what you say and do
Managing the changes that come with being more assertive
New patterns of interacting

Session 4: (typically 3-5 weeks after session 3)
An optional follow up session to go over anything you want to revisit
A focused review of the changes you have made within yourself
Practical self-hypnosis tuition, with ego strengthening