Confidence issues


Confidence is the ability to go about your life and your day-to-day activities feeling happy, fulfilled, and capable. It’s normal to experience blips in confidence, but sometimes it just starts to fade away, or something happens that you can’t bounce back from – and before you know it, your confidence is gone, leaving you feeling not at all like yourself. In fact, if you were previously very confident, you may not really know who you are at all now.

Often a confidence drop leads to additional fatigue – either from all the extra thinking and worrying you’ve been doing, or from the effort of putting on a happy face.

Whether you know what caused your confidence decrease or not, we can work together on building it back up session by session, by showing you how to think and feel better about yourself. Hypnotherapy can also help you to live with your confidence levels right now, by teaching you short-term coping strategies until you either discover a new you, or get back to your old self.