Depression can keep you isolated


Whether you have been diagnosed with depression recently or you’ve had it for some time, it’s an overwhelming illness to have. The idea of getting help for it may seem pointless, or terrifying, or maybe both those things at once. You may have tried other ‘talking therapies’ before considering hypnotherapy, in which case you may be sceptical. That’s fine.

Come along for one session. I won’t promise miracles – you’ll have depression when you arrive and you’ll still have depression when you leave an hour later. BUT you will know that you have taken the first step towards getting some help for your condition, and therefore just for that day, you’ve done something positive for yourself.

hiding behind haappy mask


You’ll be able to reflect on your new experience and slowly but surely, you’ll learn that it is possible to gain new ways of thinking about life. We’ll focus a bit on what the possible triggering experiences were for your depression – but we’ll focus a whole lot more on what you need in your life to feel better now. The answers may surprise you!