Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause any number of physical problems, including constipation, diahorrea, vomiting, cramping, wind, nausea, backache and bloating. It can be painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing – and there is no known cure.

There are many people with IBS who miss out on huge chunks of life because thsy are too busy managing their symptoms. The resulting drop in quality of life and quality of relationships can be serve, and can lead to depression, stress, and feelings of isolation.

Recent clinical research has repeatedly proven that IBS responds well to hypnotherapy, which talks directly and indirectly to the affected body parts over multiple sessions to reduce the distress caused by symptoms and to retrain people with IBS to focus their minds on other things, effectively teaching them to be much less aware of and much less bothered by their symptoms.

I will be undergoing training in the use of hypnotherapy for IBS from November 2016.

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