Relationship difficulties

man looking sad, lonely or maybe angry

Sharing your life with a loved one should be a generally happy experience. Whether you live with or spend time with your spouse, romantic partner, sibling, parent or child, any relationship that you spend considerable amounts of time on each day would, in an ideal world, bring you and the other person both great joy.

But it’s not always like that. Unless they are nurtured, romantic relationships can deteriorate into sarcasm, game-playing and disappointment.
You may not know who you are unless you are in a romantic or sexual relationship.

The parent you once got on with so well can become a niggling, naggy bore.
Or did you grow up under the care of a ‘toxic’ parent who was struggling with their own demons, and left you with scars as a result?

The child you raised can grow into an uncommunicative, disrespectful teenager.

Maybe you are struggling to fully let go of a past relationship.

Or you may be facing more dramatic changes in your life – perhaps someone you know has huge, life altering news, and you need some help to get through a difficult patch with your love and care for each other intact.

Whatever is happening, I can assure you that even though it may feel scary, some degree of change in a relationship is very normal, and you may eventually look back on this time of difficulty as having given you some valuable life lessons, or some other positive way of reflecting. If you feel like you need a bit of support to get through a rough patch, then I am happy to help – and I can see you alone, or with your loved one.

Sometimes all it takes is to explain your worries to a third person, instead of repeating the same old patterns with each other.
Sometimes, you may need a boost to get the courage to say what you need to say.
Sometimes, you need to understand yourself better so you know what you will and won’t accept from the other person.

Whatever it is, you are welcome to give me a call or send a message today, and we will discuss how I can help.
Please note that for couples work (seeing two clients at once), I charge £65/hr