Stress management

We all have different life circumstances that cause us stress:
• High pressure job
• Busy or chaotic family life
• Working long hours
• Exams coming up
• Your own or others’ health needs
• Money worries
…gives you a headache just reading that list, right?

Now, imagine if you could train your brain to switch off for an hour at a time – I mean really switch off. As in, all those annoying thoughts that you don’t need to be having right now can just go and hang out somewhere else, far away, where they won’t bother you right now. Leaving you free to relax, focus on something more meaningful, and enjoy the spontaneity and creativity of your mind while deeply at rest.

bluebell woods path


You can choose to structure your sessions however you like – if you know that your stress is going to be condensed into one time period, then you can book more sessions either side of the main event. Alternatively, if your stress is ongoing, such as providing care for a family member or working in a high pressure environment, you might want to book a session for yourself once a fortnight or even once a month.