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Trying to conceive and infertility

If you’re trying to conceive a child, then it’s a fair given that you’ll be stressed about it to some degree. It can affect your life in dozens of ways, from well-meaning yet misguided family members asking “when’s it your turn then?” all the way through to expensive and intrusive fertility treatments.

Trying to conceive, for many people, feels like a rollercoaster that they can’t bring themselves to get off it, just in case the next go round feels better than the last. It affects your entire life, from when you go out, to what you eat, to how you dress and who you socialise with. Your relationship may be put under enormous strain during times of trying to conceive, even if in some ways it feels like you are stronger than ever. The emotional impact cannot be understated. Many people have described it to me as if they are going crazy.

If you need help and support managing the stress of conception, then I can give you some quality relaxation time when you actually do switch off. I can also teach you how to regulate your thoughts and moods, as well as provide you with exercises that you can use exactly when you need them, to calm your mind and keep you going emotionally.