Bad habits

If you’re struggling with a bad habit – such as checking your phone too often, boredom eating, or not taking responsibility for your health, then it’s time to check your worldview. Why? Well, even the smallest of habits can manifest as a way to cope with difficult emotions. The relief it brings is interpreted as comfort. So if a thought or behaviour works to relieve emotional tension, then it can very easily stick around and become something that you do routinely.

When this happens, your perspectives and ideas about the world can change imperceptibly over time, often without realising. Gradually, we will have more and more ideas, opinions and beliefs that justify and reinforce the continuation of the habit – whether these processes are rational or not. We’ll start to tell ourselves that it’s other people who have the problem, not us. It’s the start of denial – which, over time, can creep into all of our thoughts and feelings. Eventually, our habits might start to isolate us from our loved ones, because we only get the same level of comfort from them when we do them on our own, away from the looks and criticism.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to check your worldview and what thoughts and behaviours your view of the world is built around. If something doesn’t feel quite right – and you will know if this is the case – then the first step towards help is opening up to your loved ones or a trained professional. This can be scary because you might feel very threatened to begin with- but trust the process, and things will improve.

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