Are other people or things around you giving you cause to be a bit grumpy? Maybe you’re finding yourself snapping or being sarcastic a bit more than you’d like to? It’s easy to say that someone is driving you crazy, or getting on your wick- but are you sure you’re not just blaming someone else for your own grumpy response?

We should all try to remember the golden rule of “I am responsible for myself; my thoughts, my feelings, and my actions. Whether I like them or not, all these things belong to me.”

It’s easy to snap or snipe at others, especially if they are close to us and especially if we are familiar with and maybe even a little bored by the sorts of things they do or talk about. But there is never any question about whether or not these people deserve to be the target for your frustration or passive aggression….

It’s a no

…They deserve it just as little as you deserve to be feeling it – because when anger bubbles up and comes out sideways, it doesn’t feel good for either party.

We can all be more kind to those around us, AND to ourselves, by looking after our own emotional wellbeing. How you do that is a matter of personal choice, but if you’re regularly getting snappy, then it’s important to know that it doesn’t have to become the norm, and if you want to be happier, then its possible! It starts with self-acceptance.

How do YOU maintain a state of self-acceptance? Share your tips and give the other people reading this some ideas!

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