Letting go

The ripe fruit will fall from the tree.

I heard this while studying my hypnobirthing course, and it seemed like a lovely way of saying that a baby will be born when it is ready, and there is no rush to force the baby to be born before this time. Every fruit will eventually fall from its tree of origin. The baby will have to come out at some point.

The metaphor or ripe fruit falling from a tree can be applied to so many situations that we all find ourselves in. It speaks of inevitability, of events unfolding in the right sequence. Things WILL happen; it may be tempting to control or manipulate it into happening in a way or a timescale that suits you, but even without your efforts, thing will still happen.

It is amazing how extraneous we really are to a lot of situations, if only we look objectively at the events unfolding.

So why do we feel the need to try and control the outcome? Perhaps there’s a fear of something somewhere. Perhaps an over-exaggerated sense of responsibility. But we have all had the experience of trying to control outcomes, only to end up more stressed about it. This is when we fall prey to planning our part in 9 possible outcomes, or rehearsing what to say if a certain person somehow becomes involved in the thing we are trying to control.

Yet in this stressed, controlling mindset, we are no more capable of taking the healthy constructive action that is needed in the heat of the moment. We actually become the one being controlled by whatever is happening.

We need to let go.

To relinquish the fear. To remove the responsibility. Only you will know what this means to you. It may be uncomfortable at first. To allow ourselves to put down one meaning that we had given something, and to create or pick up a new meaning.

Its good to know that if things are going to happen, the only person you are responsible for in that moment is yourself. And you are completely capable of relaxing and watching the tree do its thing. The fruit will drop. You can step back, relax and watch. It will happen. Let it be.

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