Change: your fears come first!

Have you gotten into certain habits to manage or avoid your true feelings? Over eating, drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs (including prescription/OTC ones), exercising too much, or other compulsions are much more common than you might think – and the good news is they don’t have to last forever.

If you really want to make changes, then the first thing you need to do is identify your fears – they often are the biggest cause for resistance to change.

You may be afraid:
You don’t know who you will become, so it’s better to stay who you are.
Your family, job or romantic relationship will fall apart if you start to make changes.
Once you’ve made changes and started taking better care of yourself, you won’t be a martyr anymore – if you need to be needed, this can be very scary.
If you start to make changes in one area of your life, you may be lifting the lid on LOTS of issues that need improving.
By making changes to yourself, you’ll force other people to look at themselves too – and they’ll resent you for this
You won’t be as much fun once you begin valuing yourself – particularly if other people benefit somehow from your bad habits.
You may fear that accepting help somehow makes you inferior to others – or maybe that you’re so damaged that nobody can help you.
You may fear that this life is all you deserve

…or there may be other fears around change. Your list is bound to be unique.

The good news? Change can make your life absolutely fantastic, if you really go for it. Most processes of change applaud every single small victory, whether it’s a change achieved without conscious effort, such as through hypnotherapy, or whether you’ve made conscious efforts. The cumulative effect of lots of small changes is called progress! Once you realise that all these little changes on their own are not as scary as you thought they were, it becomes easier to keep going down the path of change. Through honesty and willingness, it IS possible to reach a place of self-growth, self-acceptance, hope and motivation. After you’ve made your changes, you can look forward to having more energy, more honest relationships with your loved ones, and a sense of calm when life does, inevitably, throw a bit of extra stress your way. You’ll know how to deal with it!

It won’t be a case of swanning off into the sunset, cured and perfect forever more – but making changes can lead you to live reasonably happily ever after.

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