Photo of a man who is unable to sleep at night

How are you sleeping?

There are dozens of different reasons that you may not be able to sleep.
Perhaps you have a physical reason, such as a new baby, or a partner that snores.
Perhaps you have an emotional reason, such as a high pressure job or lots of family stress.
Now, we all know how easy it is to get out your phone and start Googling things at 2am. You may even be reading this very post in a dark room, telling yourself you’ll close your eyes in just a few more minutes.
But we both know that’s not true. How can you break the cycle?
Hypnotherapy is an ideal treatment for sleep difficulties, for four reasons:
1. The very word itself, hypnos, comes from the Greek word for sleep. Regardless of how much you know about hypnosis, everyone knows that it involves a sleep-like state. Even if you know nothing at all about hypnosis, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “aaaannnndddd sleep”. The sensation of hypnosis is peaceful, healing and invigorating, just the same as getting a good 8 hours – only much quicker! And, going on the belief that sleep begets sleep, being in control of your own hypnotic relaxation is a great place to start.
2. You get to practice sleeping while still awake and mentally alert. This will include you learning what various levels of relaxation actually feel like for you- which will make it easier for you to become aware of when your body is ready to rest, versus when you think you should rest.
…and of course. what your mind has already rehearsed IS your mind’s reality. Creating a difference between reality and rehearsed reality leaves your unconscious with a kind of brain-itch that it needs to resolve. If you rehearse falling asleep easily and comfortably, your brain will take steps to make this actually happen in real life. It’s why hypnotic rehearsal of future events can be so powerful.
3. You’ll learn simple, effective ways to train yourself to relax. It’ll become habit to do certain things in the run-up to sleep, and you’ll notice that each time you take these steps, you’ll get fall asleep with more ease and comfort than previously.
4. If there’s a stress that’s outside of your control causing your insomnia, then a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can help reprogramme your mind and get you thinking differently about your situation.

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