Getting ready to give birth starts on a mental level very early. Some women plan their birth before they even conceive. Others spend time during pregnancy emotionally preparing for it, and working on being open to the experience. Whatever your own personal circumstances, you, your baby and your birth partner all deserve a labour that is calm, safe, and satisfying.

You may be thinking “any labour that results in a healthy baby will be fine” – and that’s true. But these days, pregnant women have greater autonomy and control over their births than ever before. While the physical process of birthing is the same for everyone, many women will have individual preferences over other aspects of labour that affect their comfort and mental wellbeing.

Hypnobirthing is the art of using deep relaxation to feel fully, actively engaged with the birth and to enable you to feel comfortable and in control. It focuses on preparing both fathers/ birth partners as well as expectant mothers on releasing fear and anxiety relating to giving birth.

You’ll learn how to breathe properly during birth, as well as what happens to your body and your mind during birth – and most importantly, how you can help your body and mind to work together during the birth of your baby.

Hypnobirthing techniques can help you and your birth partner to:
Recognise and then release any fears or worries about childbirth
Enhance the mind, body and spirit connection to create a more holistic birth
Learn that childbirth doesn’t have to mean being in severe pain
Work with your body to understand the way that your body works and how you can work with your body during childbirth to help your muscles and hormones do what they instinctively need to do.
Enable you to focus on bringing your baby into the world in a calm, loving atmosphere
Learn a way to manage your birth that you can use any time, anywhere – where-ever and however you are planning on giving birth.

To be able to look back on birth and be completely, joyfully satisfied at how the experience went is a gift that every mother deserves to receive.

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Minimum 3 pregnant women per course
Full payment required from all attendees before the first session
Please provide 8 weeks notice from your desired start date – at which you should be between 14 and 33 weeks gestation, to enable you plenty of time to finish the course and practice before you give birth.