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What is hypnotherapy?

A hypnotic trance is the basis for all work done by a hypnotherapist. It’s a state of deep relaxation, during which, your ability to focus on one thing is much greater than normal. During hypnosis, it’s easy to relax and block out unwanted thoughts and feelings. This happens because your brain literally begins to work on a different frequency during hypnosis.

The very act of being in a trance is physically and mentally healing, due to it being a sleep-like state. That said, hypnosis is NOT sleep, and contrary to common opinion, very very few people actually fall asleep during hypnosis. You are in control the whole time. If you want to fidget, cough, scratch your nose or even break wind then it’s up to you. If you want to ‘wake up’ at any point, you can either signal to me to guide you quickly out of the trance, or simply open your eyes. This has never happened while I’ve been with a client, but I’m telling you that it’s an option so you are fully aware of how completely in control you will always be.

Neither myself nor any other hypnotherapist can make you cluck like a chicken.

Hypnotherapy is what happens when you combine being in a hypnotic trance with meaningful therapeutic intervention. I will tailor this intervention to whatever you need help with. Depending on the improvements you want to make, I may only see you for one session, or a longer course of treatment may be needed.

A session will typically involve a conversation about the problem, then some hypnotherapy during which you sit or recline in a comfortable position and I talk to you to lead you into a trance state. Once in the trance state, you’ll probably have your eyes closed and you may not need to say much or indeed anything at all until you have been brought round and instructed to open your eyes at the end. I may set you one or two simple tasks or challenges to do in between sessions, then you are free to go.

After your session, you will remember everything you need to about the session. The following night, many people are pleased to find they sleep very well.

Is it the right treatment for you?

The answer is YES, if:

You are looking for a solution focused way to resolve your difficulties

You want relatively fast change, compared to more traditional talking therapies

You feel that you may already have the answers, but need some help to find them.

You are looking for help that doesn’t require medication

You like to be fully in control at all times. Nothing at all can happen in a hypnotherapy session if you choose not to engage with the process, or if you choose to mentally ‘switch off’ halfway through. This is why I actually love working with people with control issues – they are owning their own power, and often make the best clients!

What I can offer you as a hypnotherapist:

  • My time, energy and skill as a fully qualified, insured hypnotherapist. I am a full member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists and adhere to their code of ethics for your peace of mind.
  • A non-judgemental person to talk to and discuss your problems with
  • Treatments that may lead you to intense change for the better
  • An individually designed treatment plan, taking into account how much time you have available and whether you would like any ongoing support.
  • New ways of thinking that you can adapt and reuse time and time again both now and in the future.
  • A therapy that can be fitted safely around existing medical conditions. I am very happy to work alongside doctors or other professionals to provide you with another level of support.
  • While I do use metaphors during hypnotherapy, I will do my best to follow the KISS rule whenever you are not in a trance – Keep It Simple & Straightforward. I want you to understand the process – after all, it’s your therapy!
  • You may be surprised to find that hypnotherapy is actually quite fun at times!

What I cannot offer you as a hypnotherapist:

  • I’m fascinated by the growing body of scientific evidence that supports hypnotherapy and its uses for medical and health purposes. If you are looking for an esoteric or magical therapy involving mystical practices then I am not the right therapist for you. As such, I do not offer past life regression
  • I cannot offer miracle cures for anything – all successful hypnotherapy relies on the motivation and engagement of its clients, and as such, the only person who can improve your life is you – I am simply here to guide you in the right direction and hopefully get you there a little quicker.
  • As a therapist, I am not your friend. I will be compassionate and empathic, but I don’t do tea and sympathy, because that doesn’t help. It’s my job to get you being honest with yourself, and as such your therapy may involve me pushing you out of your comfort zone, and/or challenging your automatic patterns of thoughts and reactions. It may not feel good at the time, but it gets results.
  • While I do have counselling training, I am not a counsellor and it would be unethical to provide this service. If you need separate ongoing counselling, then I’d be happy to help you find a suitable counsellor.

About Louise

I’ve always found it rewarding to help others with their emotional difficulties – it’s been my life path from an early age. I graduated age 20 with a degree in Psychology & Counselling, and went on to work in a private hospital for people with severe eating disorders, as well as volunteering at Norfolk Eating Disorders Association (now called Eating Matters).

After that, I worked with vulnerable adults at a range of drug and alcohol treatment centres. Every single person I worked with had a complex and significant history which shaped who they are, how they think and what issues they struggle with.

It was in London in 2010 that I went on an introductory course in clinical hypnosis, and became intrigued by the power and effectiveness of this surprisingly gentle therapy. I integrated my skills into my job providing group support sessions at a rehabilitation unit for alcoholics.

The reasons for people’s emotional difficulties have always fascinated me, but after taking a year to study psychodynamic counselling in more depth, I then had my first child, so I put my career to one side to enjoy the demanding but precious early years with my daughter.

Since becoming a parent, it’s become clear to me how little time people have to nurture their inner wellbeing, especially when there is a busy job taking up our time, or when there’s family members to look after.

And yet, if we don’t look after ourselves, we are of very little help to others. This led me to returning to study hypnotherapy and gain a full qualification. I completed my studies in 2015, and launched Flore Pleno Hypnotherapy in early 2016.

What does Flore Pleno mean?

‘Flore pleno’ is a Latin phrase borrowed from horticulture, literally translated as ‘in full flower’ – which is a wonderful metaphor for how people feel once they have resolved their issues and started to move on in life. It’s also a more obvious metaphor for a pregnant woman, which is relevant as I’m particularly passionate about supporting women around such issues as fertility, prenatal anxiety, post-natal depression and anxiety, and breastfeeding grief. (Click here for more information.)