After two sessions, I found it easier to make nutritious healthy choices, even cheerfully ordering a superfood salad at a business lunch when my colleagues were tucking into burgers. I was more mindful of my food intake, and as a result, I felt generally happier and more in control.

– M, North Norfolk


As you know I am very skeptical of alternative therapies – but I really enjoyed my mp3s, and I especially liked that they were tailored to me specifically. I have fibromyalgia and usually take painkillers before bed to allow me to get to sleep, but I decided to skip them and see what effect the hypnotherapy had on me first. I found it very easy to get into the relaxed state as per the first part of the first recording, and almost immediately felt very warm and tingly. This was quite surprising to me actually, as it usually takes a lot for me to relax that much. I listened to the recordings on the couch lying down, just before I went to bed. I was quite wound up, as I have been doing a lot of reading and research lately so my mind tends to find it difficult to let go at night, but the hypnosis almost gave me “permission” to relax and switch off. It was much easier to get to sleep afterwards.

– S, Thetford area


I was suffering for days with a painful gum infection, which led to me having to have root canal surgery. While waiting for my dental appointment for the surgery, the only relief I got which lasted long enough for me to get some rest was due to Louise’s calm relaxing voice, taking me out of myself and away from myself so that I was no longer focusing on the pain

– R, Wymondham


More testimonials coming soon.